How to earn online using ODesk: Why Odesk?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why Odesk?

The very first things you have to do before rushing into signing up and applying to a job or project in Odesk is to first know if Odesk is the right platform for you and second is to assess yourself what you can offer as a freelancer.

As mentioned Odesk is a platform for freelancers who can work remotely in varied work capacities. There are other websites out there that you can use to get hired and do jobs at your time, that is what we call "work at home" setup, so why Odesk?

With Odesk you can have an edge since it is one if not the most well known company that provides virtual jobs in the market today. Odesk also have a program that tracks your work time. You install their software and everytime you work you run that program so that your time is log in. It does take some screen snapshot so that there is a proof that you are working and that serves as proof that you really work for that time. Also your pay rate will depend primarily on how have you gain your reputation online as well as the employer's budget for a certain project.

Now aside from that if you would like to work part time in Odesk or even work full time at home you have to assess yourself. 

You have to ask how much time can you alot to work everyday.Even though you work at home you need to set aside time for such work. If you intend to work 1-2 hours a day and still keep your day job you might want to set aside your early evening as your part time Odesk work. Better yet if you work from a different time zone like if you are in the Philippines and your employer is in the mainland USA where time difference is nearly a whole day you can  set your late afternoon as your Odesk work time and communicate with your US employer at their office hours.

Aside from setting time you also need to assess what skills do you have that you can offer to employers at Odesk.

The very first time I heard of "working at home" setup was through Jomar Hilario. He has pioneered Virtual Assistant as a job in the Philippines to his various webinar and live seminars. And another thing that shock me that you can even a get an online job just answering somebody else email or even more copy posting articles to their own website. Back before the "work at home" job I know were typing jobs and data entry jobs but to just answer emails with a pre-formatted email response was kinda new to me.

So dont think that you wont get any job at Odesk.

There is so many opportunity that you might get. When assessing your skills dont limit your skills to your educational background. You can actually make money from your day to day activities that dont give you money before. If you like posting in Facebook you might get a job posting promotional events in your Facebook or in Facebook pages of the employer and that's a cool job you get to do Facebook while working.

Probably you are good at writing and would like to use your talent with a marketing company but you have no formal education. You can take some of the test in Odesk to prove to any of your future employer in Odesk that you are capable of doing such job. Take as much test online and post it to your Facebook page or add it to your email signature and it will make your skill visible to the world.

So get a pen and paper and start writing your schedule and jot down what are your skills who knows one of those might give you your income source in this time of downturn.

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