How to earn online using ODesk: Professional, Experienced, Talented: Know your core gifts

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Professional, Experienced, Talented: Know your core gifts

Do you remember when you were applying for a job through a recruitment firm? There will be times that the job ad is for the talent pool that these firms need. They are expecting a demand for such skill and in order to match the incoming demand they are seeking a number of people for that expected demand.


Why are they seeking professional, skilled, talented, or experienced people? I found the answer in two verses in the Bible:

Proverbs 18:16
A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

Proverbs 22:29 
Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.

People who have the skill or the talent will surely get the job. But of course the talent should match the job so that there is synchronization. Don't expect a doctor cooking fine-dining food and a chef checking a patient. 

That is why the very first step in starting your oDesk VA work is to find your core gift.

What is your core gift anyway?

A lot of people are not happy at what they do for a living because they are not doing what they love most. The top reasons are skill mismatch and immediate financial need. In the Philippines there is a great skills mismatch. Yearly thousands of graduates end up unemployed due to skill mismatch. The demand for their skills locally is not enough to accommodate them at the same time the demand overseas is starting to decline. Another cause of this mismatch is that the student don't really know what to pursue at the very beginning and only took whatever the parents, friends, or the trend is saying the in college degree. At times you will bump at a salesman who is actually an engineering or a medical degree holder (not that it is shameful, but it is just a waste of time when you took a particular education in your college years and only to end up in a different field).

Another reason is that there is a great financial need. You will hear stories of licensed doctors here in the Philippines taking up care giving so that they can work as a caregiver abroad. When one's stomach grumbles one would do anything to satisfy their need in their desperation.

But again, just read again what the Bible says: one who has skills serves the great. That is why we should be good at what we like most and what we are skilled at and surely we will be paid well because such can only be delivered by you. It will be foolish to exert all your efforts to do and make money for something you are not good at. 

So how will you know your core gift? That is the biggest question.

Have you ever seen the tv shows America Got Talent(or its local version Pilipinas Got Talent)? People line up to audition for a chance to hit big. Some of them are just there because of the great need and hoping that if they win they will turn their life around. But those who really got the talent are the ones that really stand out and when they do win, they reap the hard work in doing things that they are really great at.  

The same thing works at oDesk. You need to know your core gift so that you can serve at your best. To know your core gift you got to simple look back of what have you been doing and see which gives you joy and pride in doing it. It is something you are proud of or something you are an expert that you can deliver even if your eyes are close when you do it.  Out there somebody needs that skill and would pay a good price for a work well done.

Also, when you are not happy about what you do, you really can't give or deliver your 100% and thus you end up short. You feel the unfulfillment  and work or service will be more of a burden rather than something that keeps you excited about. When you are a bad worker, nobody will hire you again, nobody will give a good feedback. 

So before really starting at oDesk you got to make a self-check. You need to find out your core gift so that you will seek jobs in that specific area; be the best in it; and be rewarded at the job that you are happy and great at.


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