How to earn online using ODesk: Step by step

Step by step

Above is the initial step by step guide for you to be a oDesk freelancer, which is now commonly called Digital Nomads or Virtual Assistants. 

Kinda scary huh? But the above is just a mindmap, a tool to visually see the idea that has been coming up in my mind. So this is an initial look since oDesk themselves are evolving.

Here is the Step by Step (this is just an initial version, we expect changes as oDesk and the nature of virtual assistant/online freelance work evolves):

Know your free time
Setup your oDesk account
Solo or Group/Business
Certified/Professional/Acquired Skill
Tax implications
English Language
Keywords: Skills
Payment methods
Tools to be learn & pre-installed
Time tracker
Communication: Email/Chat/Skype
Productivity software 
Job related software
Improve skills: Take Odesk Test
Proof of Capability: Take certifications
Set your rate
Search Jobs
Establishing your search criteria
Client quality
Skills matching
Apply Jobs
Cover Letter
Highlighting your skills the job requires
Other client requirements
Different timezone
How should the interview go: talks as a service provider not as an       applicant
Closing the deal
Start work
oDesk contract
List of responsibilities
Access like user and password
Special instructions
Budgeted workhours and rules on extension
Progress and communication of obstacles
Constant communication to client
Discrepancies or matters to be clarified
Tracking time
Review your work
Prepare for delivery
Deliver work
Modes of sending
Overview report to accompany delivered work
Wrap up
Presenting work for review
Clarification and other questions
Formal end of job/feedback/future work
Get paid
Payment expectation
FX conversions
Managing your money

Will be making a blog post that will touch each topic. As soon as the topic is posted will make an automatic link to the above guide for easier access.

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