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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Professional, Experienced, Talented: Know your core gifts

Do you remember when you were applying for a job through a recruitment firm? There will be times that the job ad is for the talent pool that these firms need. They are expecting a demand for such skill and in order to match the incoming demand they are seeking a number of people for that expected demand.


Why are they seeking professional, skilled, talented, or experienced people? I found the answer in two verses in the Bible:

Proverbs 18:16
A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.

Proverbs 22:29 
Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.

People who have the skill or the talent will surely get the job. But of course the talent should match the job so that there is synchronization. Don't expect a doctor cooking fine-dining food and a chef checking a patient. 

That is why the very first step in starting your oDesk VA work is to find your core gift.

What is your core gift anyway?

A lot of people are not happy at what they do for a living because they are not doing what they love most. The top reasons are skill mismatch and immediate financial need. In the Philippines there is a great skills mismatch. Yearly thousands of graduates end up unemployed due to skill mismatch. The demand for their skills locally is not enough to accommodate them at the same time the demand overseas is starting to decline. Another cause of this mismatch is that the student don't really know what to pursue at the very beginning and only took whatever the parents, friends, or the trend is saying the in college degree. At times you will bump at a salesman who is actually an engineering or a medical degree holder (not that it is shameful, but it is just a waste of time when you took a particular education in your college years and only to end up in a different field).

Another reason is that there is a great financial need. You will hear stories of licensed doctors here in the Philippines taking up care giving so that they can work as a caregiver abroad. When one's stomach grumbles one would do anything to satisfy their need in their desperation.

But again, just read again what the Bible says: one who has skills serves the great. That is why we should be good at what we like most and what we are skilled at and surely we will be paid well because such can only be delivered by you. It will be foolish to exert all your efforts to do and make money for something you are not good at. 

So how will you know your core gift? That is the biggest question.

Have you ever seen the tv shows America Got Talent(or its local version Pilipinas Got Talent)? People line up to audition for a chance to hit big. Some of them are just there because of the great need and hoping that if they win they will turn their life around. But those who really got the talent are the ones that really stand out and when they do win, they reap the hard work in doing things that they are really great at.  

The same thing works at oDesk. You need to know your core gift so that you can serve at your best. To know your core gift you got to simple look back of what have you been doing and see which gives you joy and pride in doing it. It is something you are proud of or something you are an expert that you can deliver even if your eyes are close when you do it.  Out there somebody needs that skill and would pay a good price for a work well done.

Also, when you are not happy about what you do, you really can't give or deliver your 100% and thus you end up short. You feel the unfulfillment  and work or service will be more of a burden rather than something that keeps you excited about. When you are a bad worker, nobody will hire you again, nobody will give a good feedback. 

So before really starting at oDesk you got to make a self-check. You need to find out your core gift so that you will seek jobs in that specific area; be the best in it; and be rewarded at the job that you are happy and great at.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Online home based business as freelance or virtual assistant

Online home based business is now becoming a reality. Professionals are now becoming freelance virtual assistants for services ranging from simple data entry to the complex accounting and financial management. 


It has been awhile since I posted blogs about oDesk jobs and now that I am back here in the Philippines and currently seeking new job opportunities. In my job search I employed job search engines.  I have been to several interviews, even phone or Skype interview and yet still up to know I have not yet land a single job. I am still okay with my savings but of course I can't stay like this for an extended period of time.


I still get email from Jomar Hilario's OMC regarding becoming a virtual assistant. And yes the very first jobs I was applying online before was data entry at home, but not a single client ever got interested and thus I stop checking my oDesk and this blog suffered. Jomar's email in a way awakened that dream of one day have a work at home setup. The email was about an employee who recently got promoted to a managerial level but has to resign after a month or two because she has no nanny to take care of her kids. 

So what happen is before resigning, she got a chance to avail of the discounted bundle of Jomar's course last December 2013. With the busy Christmas season and juggling managerial work and home duties, she was not able to complete the course. So she went on with her usual life and one day her nanny was gone. She chose her kids over work that she loves to do. Since she can't be just at home she tried oDesk applying for data entry jobs and she got frustrated that no single client would employ her.

But then she changed her tactic. She told herself why not do the work she loves online. Her work was as an accountant doing the company's budget. She then applied for oDesk jobs related to her field and after a few tries and rejection she finally had the dream job working at home.

Her story fueled me to start over again. There is really a big possibility for me to have online jobs. Besides it has been my dream to own my own accounting practice but since there are so many accreditation needed why don't I start at oDesk where the needed proofs could be test taken in the website to prove my capabilities as an accountant.

Yes I will continue with my other applications but I guess starting over my oDesk job now focusing on accounting and QuickBooks could be my temporary source of income while waiting for a stable job. Also, this could be my springboard for the dream accounting practice or maybe in the future it could give me better earnings than a regular office job. I heard some has already left their office jobs to have full time online jobs as well as an online home based business offering virtual assistant services by forming groups and working remotely here in the Philippines.

And by the way Filipinos are one of the most capable oDesk freelancers out there. In desk, I saw accountants who have worked for a few years and highly skilled with several work experience in their belt alike still offering services in oDesk even though they have high corporate positions.  Also graphic designers, social media managers, and content writers are one of the top online jobs we Filipinos dominate in oDesk.


So why not dream of one day work at home with your own online home based business? Who knows you and I could be partners in this new venture.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Interview with a Odesk Contractor

While waiting for my latest blog post on how to open, work, and earn money in ODesk let me share with you this interview I made with a friend who has been earning  in Odesk on her free time.

Due to some reasons connected to her work I won't be able to post her name but nonetheless lets hear her out how she started at Odesk.

Q: How did you learn about Odesk and how was your signup with their website?
A: I learned about oDesk from my Kuya Kobe sometime in June 2010.  He told me that I could earn dollars from my being an internet savvy, and the good thing about this is that I can do it part time.  I signed up using the referral e-mail from my Kuya, who guided me how to fill in my oDesk portfolio and provided me with the tips on how to get the passing (if not, the perfect) score for the oDesk readiness test.

Q: Did you ever had a hard time filling up the sign with Odesk?
A: Signing up with oDesk was just to "verify" if what my brother says is true.  And since that time of June 2010 was the 'slack' season for my day-time job (a.k.a: nothing really much to do), I gave in to my brother's invitation, copy+pasted my details from my resume and put them on my oDesk portfolio.

Q: At first was it hard to look for a job online through Odesk? What was your first job or "gig" in ODesk? How did it go?
A: I never really considered it 'hard' when I was looking for an online jobs, because my whole attention on it is not 100% during that time.  I loved my day job, and as I've said I was also open for working part time online and to prove that I can really earn dollars online.  I have to be honest, though, that I also get excited whenever I open my oDesk portfolio and see if I was accepted to a gig or not, or received any interview from a client who saw if my portfolio fits their offered work. ^_^  My first job or gig was about setting up a blog, putting pictures and writing articles for an athletic company.  To be honest (I used this word twice in a row now. hehe), I never liked it.  My first gig bores me.  It's because since I only bid for a dollar (Yes! I was advised to bid low to get accepted for a job), I felt that what I'm earning for this bid cannot compensate to the amount of time I spent on doing the job.  But as they say, lessons can always be learned from the first-time experiences.  My succeeding gigs went better after the first one: better bid and something I likely want to do. 

Q: How did you improve your chances in landing a better job? How did you basically tell the online world about your services or that you can be hired via Odesk?
A: The most important thing for oDesk is to really set up your portfolio 'pretty and honestly' well.  Isn't it that before you are called for an interview for a day-job work, the HR department of your employer review first the resume you submitted to them?  Same thing with oDesk.  I spent time passing oDesk exams on English grammar, Excel, Powerpoint presentation, bookkeeping, accounting standards, and basically, all other available oDesk tests.  Sometimes, I just do the tests because I want to learn something new.  It is just an added value if I pass the exam and will be able to publicly put the results on my oDesk profile. :)

Q: And finally would you recommend that others signup at Odesk as well?
A:  Absolutely yes! 

Thank you very much for giving time for this interview, wishing you the best on your succeeding Odesk jobs.

So there you have it. It is possible to work at home or if you already have an 8 - 5 job do a part time job while at home. ODesk could be your way out specially this time of downturn. If you have skills there is no doubt somebody out there will need your services.

So why not give it a try. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Virtual Assistant webinar - Philippine based

Are you a Philippine based VA or Virtual Assistant or do you want to start working from home as a VA and don't know where to start?

Check this free webinar from

To register for this free webinar follow these steps:

1. You have to be a member of Philippine Virtual 
    Assistant Network. To join click here

2. Share this event on your Facebook wall.

3. To share, click on the Share button located at 
    the bottom of this post.

4. Then post on your Facebook Status: “Workshop on
    Virtual Assistant 101, All You Need to Know 
    in Working at Home Today. Join now!” (To 
    tag, type the “@” symbol then follow it with “Virtual
    Assistant Philippines.” Then type in the rest of the
    required phrase )

5. After updating your Facebook status wall, go to 
   the comments section of this post and paste 
   the link of your Facebook entry with 
   your name and email address. (To get the link, 
   hover to the time of your shared post (e.g. 4 
   minutes ago), click the right button of your mouse, 
   and copy link address. Paste this to your comment 
   to make your entry count.)

6. The Event is open for aspiring & current V.A.

7. One entry per person.

8. Register Here <Click Here>

9. Deadline for Registration is on December 15, 
    2011 at 11:59PM. We will be sending your 
    eTicket through email.

10. Event date: December 17 & 18 2012. 1:00 pm- 
      3:00 pm

Signup now and be a Virtual Assistant!!!!!

Disclaimer: The author of this blog is not paid to promote this event. Any questions or other matters pertaining to this event should be directed to the event organizers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Video interview of Odesk CEO

For a more clear view of what is Odesk and how Odesk works you can view this video interview of Odesk CEO, Gary Swart.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why Odesk?

The very first things you have to do before rushing into signing up and applying to a job or project in Odesk is to first know if Odesk is the right platform for you and second is to assess yourself what you can offer as a freelancer.

As mentioned Odesk is a platform for freelancers who can work remotely in varied work capacities. There are other websites out there that you can use to get hired and do jobs at your time, that is what we call "work at home" setup, so why Odesk?

With Odesk you can have an edge since it is one if not the most well known company that provides virtual jobs in the market today. Odesk also have a program that tracks your work time. You install their software and everytime you work you run that program so that your time is log in. It does take some screen snapshot so that there is a proof that you are working and that serves as proof that you really work for that time. Also your pay rate will depend primarily on how have you gain your reputation online as well as the employer's budget for a certain project.

Now aside from that if you would like to work part time in Odesk or even work full time at home you have to assess yourself. 

You have to ask how much time can you alot to work everyday.Even though you work at home you need to set aside time for such work. If you intend to work 1-2 hours a day and still keep your day job you might want to set aside your early evening as your part time Odesk work. Better yet if you work from a different time zone like if you are in the Philippines and your employer is in the mainland USA where time difference is nearly a whole day you can  set your late afternoon as your Odesk work time and communicate with your US employer at their office hours.

Aside from setting time you also need to assess what skills do you have that you can offer to employers at Odesk.

The very first time I heard of "working at home" setup was through Jomar Hilario. He has pioneered Virtual Assistant as a job in the Philippines to his various webinar and live seminars. And another thing that shock me that you can even a get an online job just answering somebody else email or even more copy posting articles to their own website. Back before the "work at home" job I know were typing jobs and data entry jobs but to just answer emails with a pre-formatted email response was kinda new to me.

So dont think that you wont get any job at Odesk.

There is so many opportunity that you might get. When assessing your skills dont limit your skills to your educational background. You can actually make money from your day to day activities that dont give you money before. If you like posting in Facebook you might get a job posting promotional events in your Facebook or in Facebook pages of the employer and that's a cool job you get to do Facebook while working.

Probably you are good at writing and would like to use your talent with a marketing company but you have no formal education. You can take some of the test in Odesk to prove to any of your future employer in Odesk that you are capable of doing such job. Take as much test online and post it to your Facebook page or add it to your email signature and it will make your skill visible to the world.

So get a pen and paper and start writing your schedule and jot down what are your skills who knows one of those might give you your income source in this time of downturn.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What is Odesk?


oDesk is a company with a global job marketplace and a series of tools targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote workers. Based in Redwood City, CA, oDesk was founded in 2003 by Greek entrepreneurs Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis.

The name "" came from "" to emphasize how the company works that is working in a virtual office where literally there are no desk. Here is the post in the Odesk blog (click here) quoting how the founders Odysseas and Stratis came up with their company's name.

Odesk is the answer for freelancers wanting to land a job and work at home on their time. Employers also benefit using Odesk because there is no need for a bigger space for the office, no need to clock in and clock out personnel, work time is monitored by Odesk, and labor cost is lower as compared to actually hiring and housing staff in an office.

Odesk's motto says it all:

Our unique approach guarantees to employers that an hour billed is an hour worked, while guaranteeing to contractors that an hour worked is an hour paid.

With the popularity of outsourcing through Virtual Assistants many freelancers with considerable skills from simple email answering to sophisticated work like architectural drafting to research find there way to Odesk.

This blog is written to provide the step by step guide on how to be Virtual Assistant using

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