How to earn online using ODesk: Online home based business as freelance or virtual assistant

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Online home based business as freelance or virtual assistant

Online home based business is now becoming a reality. Professionals are now becoming freelance virtual assistants for services ranging from simple data entry to the complex accounting and financial management. 


It has been awhile since I posted blogs about oDesk jobs and now that I am back here in the Philippines and currently seeking new job opportunities. In my job search I employed job search engines.  I have been to several interviews, even phone or Skype interview and yet still up to know I have not yet land a single job. I am still okay with my savings but of course I can't stay like this for an extended period of time.


I still get email from Jomar Hilario's OMC regarding becoming a virtual assistant. And yes the very first jobs I was applying online before was data entry at home, but not a single client ever got interested and thus I stop checking my oDesk and this blog suffered. Jomar's email in a way awakened that dream of one day have a work at home setup. The email was about an employee who recently got promoted to a managerial level but has to resign after a month or two because she has no nanny to take care of her kids. 

So what happen is before resigning, she got a chance to avail of the discounted bundle of Jomar's course last December 2013. With the busy Christmas season and juggling managerial work and home duties, she was not able to complete the course. So she went on with her usual life and one day her nanny was gone. She chose her kids over work that she loves to do. Since she can't be just at home she tried oDesk applying for data entry jobs and she got frustrated that no single client would employ her.

But then she changed her tactic. She told herself why not do the work she loves online. Her work was as an accountant doing the company's budget. She then applied for oDesk jobs related to her field and after a few tries and rejection she finally had the dream job working at home.

Her story fueled me to start over again. There is really a big possibility for me to have online jobs. Besides it has been my dream to own my own accounting practice but since there are so many accreditation needed why don't I start at oDesk where the needed proofs could be test taken in the website to prove my capabilities as an accountant.

Yes I will continue with my other applications but I guess starting over my oDesk job now focusing on accounting and QuickBooks could be my temporary source of income while waiting for a stable job. Also, this could be my springboard for the dream accounting practice or maybe in the future it could give me better earnings than a regular office job. I heard some has already left their office jobs to have full time online jobs as well as an online home based business offering virtual assistant services by forming groups and working remotely here in the Philippines.

And by the way Filipinos are one of the most capable oDesk freelancers out there. In desk, I saw accountants who have worked for a few years and highly skilled with several work experience in their belt alike still offering services in oDesk even though they have high corporate positions.  Also graphic designers, social media managers, and content writers are one of the top online jobs we Filipinos dominate in oDesk.


So why not dream of one day work at home with your own online home based business? Who knows you and I could be partners in this new venture.

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